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Fiber Array with Lens 

          Our high-precision 2D Fiber Array is equipped with microlens array made by advanced lithography process, each fiber is individually coupled with a microlens in front, thus realizing the combination of fiber array and microlens with high density, high precision, miniaturization and integration. The 2D fiber array with microlens array has better light gathering, collimation and other functions. Facilitates users to achieve coupling of spatial light or calibration of light source beams; effectively reduces the valuable chip volume required for optical input/output; also provides spot size conversion between small cross-section, chip-based waveguides and standard fibers. Realizing high-capacity, multi-channel parallel or individual processing of information, it is widely used in optical sensing, optical computing, fiber optic communication and other optoelectronic devices.

Fiber Array with Lens to find Reful
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                  Product parameters


 Arrangement styles




Permutation period




Diameter of fiber




Fiber Type


PM 1550 Fiber


Periodic deviation




Fiber position deviation



Cumulative errorr




Fiber numerical aperture








Extinction ratio




Return Loss




insert loss




Axis Alignment style


Slow Axis Alignment


Shaft-to-shaft accuracy












Microlens Material




Microlens focal length




Microlens Center Thickness




Microlens light through aperture



Product characteristics 

High precision
High precision positioning of substrate
With lithography technology, chip technology, professional to create high precision positioning substrate.
High precision substrate, array accuracy can be high.
 Quality   stability
Aerospace quality is stable and reliable
500 high and low temperature cycles, 2000 hours of double 85 test, to create aerospace grade stable products.
Optical fiber arrays with microlens arrays make it easier for customers to complete optical path coupling.
Team Specialized
Professional team customization worry-free
20 years of professional manufacturing experience, exclusive customized services, one stop worry-free procurement.
Product shooting 

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